Rise of the Runelords

After Burnt Offereings

You spend the next several days recovering, examining the ruins, tending to the the horse, you learn we belonged to a Paladin of Iomedae, out of the Windsong abby, who’s remains you deduce were some found in the complex, that Nualia had had sacrificed to her evil god.
With a bit is work You are able to repair and reconnect the rope bridge, the hardest part being cutting a path threw the thorns to the road way, The party decided to take the remains and the Horse to the Abby which is several days North of Sandpoint and little over a day north of their current location.

The Monks of the Abby thank the party for returning Brother Locke’s remains and his mount and arrange a boat to transports the party back to Sandpoint leaving early the next morning and will get them there before dinner.

Just over 4 days from when you left Sandpoint, the heroes make their return, to little fanfare (as no one knew when or if they would be returning, or that they would be coming by boat)
as you make your way to the Rusty Dragon inn, a small crowd gathers to hear what has happened
Sherrif Hemlock sends the garrison from Magimar
you spend the next couple days relaxing and doing the simple daily tasks


Yousna Yousna

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