Rise of the Runelords

Session 1

Festival, Fire, and Local heroes

Having come to the Swallowtail festival for different reasons, our merry band of misfits are thrown together by bands of raiding goblins attacking the festival.

The band fights throughout the town square, until they hear calls for help, form a man who is cornered by a wicked goblin and two dogs and another band of goblins

Having defeated the last of the Goblins, the Man introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove a noble of the area, he asks the band to come visit him at the Rusty Dragon Inn. (Which is convenient as the band was offered free room and board at the Inn for their aid of the city )

the adventures newly dubbed “Heroes of Sandpoint” they become household names, but it is not all free ale and cheer.
upon visiting the new cathedral Abstalar Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock are discussing that the Vault of Ezakien Tobyn’s former high priest of Sandpoint, has been broken into. the Sheriff asks the PC’s to accompany, him to investigate the tomb, only to find a pair of skeletons waiting for them. the PC’s dispatch them and track goblin AND a Humanoid footprints over the wall and to the coast where they are lost.

also during the downtime the band explore Sandpoint and a few of it’s shops
They have a lovely meal at the Hagfish, and Dolnar Malgus Stonewarden IV Tries his luck at Drinking from Norah’s tank, but is unable to keep it down, but vows to try again one day to get his name on the beam
Nurie Etuin Checks out Bottled Solutions, but has a feeling that the wares are not of the best quality
and the Curious Goblin

While Karina goes to the Shipyard to try and send word to her brother, and to buy paint for Dolnar Malgus Stonewarden IV

in the evening the band is rewarded with 50gp and an invite to go on a Boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove which they accept and a date is set, later in the night they are verbally attacked Lonjiku Kaijitsu as Ameiko Kaijitsu comes out to deal with her father and his disproving words, he tries to pull her from her Inn, she deftly knocks him to the ground with a ladle and causes him to scurry away.


Yousna Yousna

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