Tall at 5’11, with long, dark hair and icy blue eyes, deceivingly young in appearance at 50, Akasha is aligned chaotic good and is a cleric whose god is Cayden Cailean. Akasha is not as graceful as many elves are, but is very agile. She’s rather intelligent, musically gifted and loves to help others. Though, due to her protective nature, often short human temper and inherent elven intolerance of serious insults, she can be extremely unpredictabl


Possibly due to her mixed race, Akasha has never felt like she truly belonged. Feeling only tolerated by most humans, who warily peer at her from the corners of their eyes in the shops and taverns, and often startled due to her height and slightly pointed ears, many seem wary or suspicious, and some, even jealous of her elven abilities, longevity and tenacity. The elven-born, on the other hand, often show intolerance for those not of pure blood. Most look down at her kind with disdain and rarely try to hide their cold sneers as they assess and shake their heads at every single human trait, from her slightly broader structure, slight clumsiness and lack of innate abilities with nature all the way up to her ears.

Much preferring the solitude of the forest to avoid stares, playing flute and practicing her devotions, though she enjoys exploring – going adventuring is very out of character for her. Though welcome in human cities, and less so in elven forests, many are unable to fit into either human or elven society. From a small half-elf community in Wolf’s Ear, and a still rather novice cleric, Akasha is stepping out of her comfort zone to seize the opportunity to represent Cayden Cailean at the consecration ceremony in Sandpoint and, with any luck, find a sense of belonging


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