Dolnar Malgus Stonewarden IV

Dwarven Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)


Dolnar is large for a dwarf, at almost 5 feet tall and over 200 pounds he is at least as wide as he is tall. He has flaming red hair and a forked plaited beard, and he carries an enormous battle hammer decorated with crude butterfly artwork and bits of grey matter.

Dolnar is highly enthusiastic and very creative and he loves pretty living things, very uncharacteristic of a Dwarf… The big problem is that he is not very bright and few would call him pretty. He has covered much of his gear in artwork that best resembles that of an untalented 7 year old. His hammer and armour are decorated with butterflies and he often tries to mimic bird calls and animal noises as well as sing, it’s not pretty either. He fancies himself a great cook and a natural artist, yet is terrible at both. If he realizes his lack of skill however it does in no way dampen is desire to do it.


Dolnar comes from a long and distinguished line of Dwarven artisans and leaders. He is the eldest son of one of his kingdoms most respected noble houses, the Stonewarden’s. His birth was hard and his mother (Lagorthia) died in the process, a fact his father (Dalmir) never let him forget. Every time Dolnar disappointed his father or failed to achieve success, which was often. He was reminded that he was here for a purpose great enough that his mother sacrificed her life for it. Dolnar spent much of his childhood alone as he was such an embarrassment to his father. He was kept in his home alone with his pets most of the time and learned little of dwarven culture as a result.

The only thing Dolnar ever excelled at was warfare, however even there he was a disappointment to his father since he would fall into a rage and be unable to direct and lead others. His father also believed that the rage in Dolnar was a mark of a savage and should be suppressed. In time his father remarried and had more children, as they grew and excelled in Leadership and smithing Dalmir grew tired of dealing with Dolnar’s constant failures. The final straw came with a travelling priest (Landrel Faleen) given hospitality and shelter through a hard winter in the mountains. Landrel was a worshipper of Desna and by spring had converted an enthusiastic Dolnar to the faith. Learning the news that his son had cast off the Dwarven faith and embraced this soft human deity was to much, Dalmir flew into a rage and killed Dolnar’s pets. Landrel tried to calm Dalmir but she ended up being killed in his rage, at this point all of Dolnar’s anger came out at once. He killed his father his stepmother and his younger brother by the time it was all done. His 2 younger sisters only survived because they had been staying with their grandparents. He left that night and has never looked back, it’s been almost 5 years since that night. He has finally learned to control his anger and even make it work for him however it was a lesson learned in blood. He is still a follower of Desna and having heard of a large new temple he has travelled to seek redemption and something other then loneliness in the mountains.

Dolnar Malgus Stonewarden IV

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