Half-elf ranger (battle scout)


Karina is tall, slender, and dark-haired, with green eyes and a crooked smile, which you will only notice after you’ve known her for some time, as she doesn’t use it very much. She’s graceful and agile. She is patient with animals, but not so much with people. She doesn’t like to be interrupted and doing so will make her very irritable. She doesn’t necessarily think she knows all the answers, but when she’s sure she’s right, she can be quite bossy.

She does have a sense of humour, but she sees it as a weakness around strangers so you won’t see it until she trusts you.

She is pretty sure she’s a great judge of character.

She has a soft spot for small, defenceless, furry woodland creatures, and woe betide you if one is in trouble, because she will drop everything to go help it. She once spent an entire winter freeing rabbits from trap lines, earning her the nickname “the Scourge of the Glen” among the local trappers (although they never learned who her actual identity was, they certainly had their suspicions).


Karina’s mother (Gertrude) was a human farmgirl in a small village at the edge of a vast forest. Her father (Alwin) was an elf scout who fell in love with her mother after hearing her sing whilst working in the fields. He wooed her with gifts of wildflowers, foraged plants and mushrooms, and fresh fish and game, and they spent many an evening watching the sun set from the top of a nearby hill. Knowing their love would never be accepted by either of their families, they ran away to the other end of the forest, where they made a home for themselves and their children.

Karina was the middle child; first born was her brother Tom (named after her grandfather) and last was another brother (Aeron). Tom had left home a few years earlier, to seek fame and fortune on the high seas.

Her father taught her how to forage, track, hunt, and fish. He also built a rabbit pen where they raised rabbits for food and fur; the screams of the rabbits when they were slaughtered haunts her to this day. Sadly, her father was killed while defending his family against a goblin attack; he hid them in the crawlspace under the cabin while he fought them off, and he killed all but one of them. The last one, being gravely injured, fled into the woods, leaving Alwin to die on the floor of the cabin, his blood dripping through the floorboards onto his family below.

Following the attack, her mother decided to return to the village of her birth. Karina had no desire to live in a village, and decided to set out on her own, instead; eventually finding her way to a druid’s grove, where she was taken in and trained by another ranger to be a scout like her father. It is on an errand from the grove that she now finds herself in Sandpoint, to deliver a gift to the Abbey – an oak sapling. She is also hoping to find someone who knows of her brother, who may be able to get word to him about his father’s death and the whereabouts of his mother and younger brother.


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